DICA History

Col Ray Reynolds (Retd) was the IMC Director of Studies from 1989-1991. Following his retirement Ray has commenced to write the history of the IMC Course, the DISC Course and the origins of DICA – the IMCA.

The following documents are available for perusal:

A brief History of the Industrial Mobilisation Course (IMC) 1953-1991 by Col Ray Reynolds (Retd)

A brief History of DICA – Part 1 (IMCA: 1989-1996) by Col Ray Reynolds (Retd)

A brief History of DICA – Part 2 (DAICA: 1997-2010) …………..Pending

IMC Brochure “The Industrial Mobilisation Course” c 1985

IMC Course Handbooks are located in the online library in the Members area. Each Handbook contains details of each Course, including participants and associated visits. If you have any material or information you would like to see included, please notify the Secretary at secretary@dica.org.au.