Australian Made Defence Campaign

The Defence Teaming Centre – South Australia has launched a new campaign called Australian Made Defence.

Australian Made Defence is about informing all Australians that Australia has the indigenous industrial capacity to build and maintain many of Australia’s Defence capabilities to international standards while being globally competitive in terms of value for money.

The campaign will initially focus on the need to build our future ship and submarine fleets in Australia in order to maximise the benefits to our nation.

The campaign will highlight that we must stop thinking of maritime projects in myopic isolation.

That our national leadership must stop using defence projects as political capital and take a bipartisan approach to developing a national, whole-of-government shipbuilding vision. 

The future submarines and frigates are projects of national significance that must be considered in the context of a long-term strategy and plan for shipbuilding in Australia. 

They represent the future of complex engineering and advanced manufacturing in our nation. This is truly an intergenerational issue. 

The campaign will tell the story of the importance of sustaining a national defence industry capability in order to maximise our security, sovereignty and economy. 

The campaign will also highlight the need for a long term, 30 year, bipartisan strategy for shipbuilding as opposed to the 30-month ‘thought bubbles’ between elections that our defence industry has had to survive over the last decade.

The Australian Made Defence campaign centres on a website to demonstrate that Australia’s defence industry is accomplished and highly capable of developing, building and maintaining many of Australia’s Defence capabilities.

To support Australian Made Defence go to and register.

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