AIDN Releases its Position on DIPS Implementation

The Australian Industry & Defence Network (AIDN) released on 16Jun2017 the first two of its planned series of policy positions as part of its ambition to assist with the implementation of the 2016 Defence and Industry Policy Statement (DIPS). Click here for more information. You can also view a copy of the DIPS here.

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Australia’s Plans to Develop a Fifth-Generation Air Force

Air Marshal Leo Davies recently spoke at CSIS in Washington, about Australia’s plans to develop a fifth-generation Air Force within the context of our alliance with the United States. Attached is a copy of the Chief of Air Force’s speech: http://airpower.airforce.gov.au/UploadedFiles/General/2017_11MAY_CSIS.pdf The event was broadcast and recorded on CSIS’ YouTube Channel last night, at: https://youtu.be/SzTB43_FllM …. Read more »

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