CASG Announces Several Senior APS Moves

On 31 July 2020 CASG announced several changes to senior appointments in the Major Capital Programs areas for Joint Systems and Armoured Vehicles. Check out Defgram 309/2020 under Defence Senior Appointments of Daily News About Defence in the Members’ section.

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AGSVA Review of Non-Compliant Security Clearances

AGSVA has conducted a review of all Clearance records and will be advising Sponsors/Security Advisors from late July of those clearances considered unneeded or non-compliant. If remedial action is not taken the clearances will be removed on 31 August 2020. Read the Defgram here to check out the reasons and actions.

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MILCIS 2020 Goes Virtual

Head of Information Communications and Technology Operations (HICTO), RADM Michael Rothwell has announced that the 2020 Military Communications and Information Systems Conference (MILCIS) will now be entirely online over the period 10 – 12 November 2020. Full details are in Defgram 292/2020 MILCIS Website registration is here

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