Air Force Strategy 2020 Released Publicly

Chief of Air Force, AIRMSHL Mel Hupfeld, has released the public version of the Air Force Strategy (AFSTRAT) 2020.

AFSTRAT outlines the role of Air Force within the context of Australia’s security, and how air and space power will generate strategic effects as part of the Joint Force. AFSTRAT informs how Air Force will posture itself to achieve air and space effects across the operational spectrum and meet Defence strategic objectives of Shape, Deter, and Respond.

AFSTRAT sets out both Air Force’s air power strategy and the planning guidance necessary to deliver it. AFSTRAT draws from the Chief of Air Force’s strategic assessment upon assuming command of Air Force, the Chief’s Intent, the 2020 Defence Strategic Update and Defence Planning Guidance 20/21.

AFSTRAT 2020 outlines the five Lines of Effort (LOE), and the subsequent strategic directions associated with:
a. Integrated Air and Space Power for the Joint Force
b. Workforce
c. Relationships & Strengthening Engagement
d. Culture
e. Governance.

Each LOE has been developed to provide meaning and value to personnel in understanding their role in achieving strategic effect through contribution to the Air Force Mission.

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