Australia-US Defence Trade Cooperation Treaty Update

Reps from the US Trade Treaty Team in Defence will attend the PACIFIC 2013 International Maritime Expo in Sydney 8-9Oct2013, and will be available to discuss Australian Community membership and any other Australia-US Defence Trade Cooperation Treaty queries.

Members interested in a meeting with the Team during this time should contact the team on Ph: 1800 00 57 57 (within Australia) or +61 2 6265 7111 (from outside Australia) or Email:

Defence industry members that currently have, or require, access to ITAR controlled goods are encouraged to consider whether membership to the Australian Community would benefit their business. Members should check the Treaty scope lists available below to determine whether the related project or program is eligible to be conducted under the Treaty.

Australian Government End-Use list

Cooperative Programs list

Combined Operations and Exercises list

Applications for membership to the Australian Community or to become an Approved Intermediate Consignee can be submitted to Defence via the US Trade Treaty website.

For further information on the Treaty, the Australian Community and frequently asked questions, please contact a US Trade Treaty team member or visit

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