Minister Clare Announces Four Smart Sustainment Pilot Projects

In February 2011 Minister Clare announced the first four Smart Sustainment pilot projects. On 1st July 2011 he announced the following two additional projects:

1. BAE – BAE and DMO will work together at the Hydrographic SPO in Cairns to trial an Integrated Project Team concept. This pilot will allow DMO, Navy and BAE staff to apply lessons learned and work seamlessly together to sustain the ADF’s hydrographic capability.

2. H.I Fraser – H.I. Fraser will set up a pilot project to establish a rotatable pool of spares to reduce lead times and keep business in Australia. This pilot will be conducted in Sydney at the Mine Warfare and Clearance Diving SPO with support from the Naval Inventory Procurement Office.

“This is all about testing good ideas. The Defence industry has a lot of good ideas. I want Defence to test them and if they work, roll them out across Defence,” Mr Clare said.

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