Outcomes of the SGM held on 23 August 2023

Good evening alumni

The minutes from the Special General Meeting held on 23 August 2023 are available by logging in.  In short, all four proposed motions were passed by the attendees in conjunction with proxies.  Three motions had amendments:
– Motion 2 was amended to include a request for Defence to issue a Defgram detailing the arrangements for future storage and access to DISC and IMC historical information currently stored on the DICA website system.
– Motion 3 was amended to extend the period that the DICA website will remain open to allow alumni to purchase the remaining merchandise, which is:
     – qty 232 DICA lapel pins @ $6.50 each
     – qty 23 Maroon and qty 31 Navy Blue DICA ties (having both the DICA and IMC logos) @ $35 each
     – qty 2 Maroon Scarves (also with both the DICA and IMC logos) @ $30 each
  If you do not have access to the website and wish to purchase any item(s), please contact the president at president@dica.org.au
– Motion 4 was amended to set a timeframe for close out of accounts and finalisation of business at three months after ASIC acceptance of the request for Voluntary Deregistration.

As stated during the meeting, DISC will continue and networking opportunities across the Defence sector are plentiful, both nationally and locally.  Please take advantage of these opportunities to expand your network and build your knowledge of the sector for your professional development, including local and big event reunions for your DISC or IMC cohort.

The DISC Management Team can be contacted through casg.disc@defence.gov.au should you be seeking access to any of the archived documents.

As advised in the minutes, in place of the Defence Industry Capability Refresher program, eligible alumni can be sponsored to access Defence’s CAMPUS Anywhere online program of courses, many of which are accessible to industry covering a broad range of procurement and technical topics.  Please contact the DISC Management Team.

For those who are not already on LinkedIn and want to stay connected with the alumni cohort, please register and then request access to the DICA page.  This page will be maintained by the DISC Management Team and offers opportunities for followers to post updates/invites/event suggestions/get togethers as well as hearing from the DISC Team about potential gatherings during modules.

The National Council will be proceeding with the actions to close down the incorporated body that is DICA Ltd over the next couple of months in an orderly sequence.  As such this will be the penultimate email using the DICA website medium, with a final email advising the closure of the site.

The Council wishes all alumni a safe and prosperous future and every success in Defence, Defence industry or your chosen employment sector.


The DICA National Council

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