VCDF, as the Joint Force Authority, releases the newest Joint Concepts

On 25 November 2020 VCDF, Vice Admiral David Johnston, approved and released the Joint Concepts for Future Logistics, Robotic and Autonomous Systems and Multi-Domain Strike. The third concept is classified and not available to the public. The Concept of Future Logistics and Concept for Robotic and Autonomous Systems are available at

Hard copy versions of the concepts (less Multi-Domain Strike) will be available in Q1 of 2021.
Director General Force Exploration, AIRCDRE Richard Lennon, advises that the concepts are to guide the acquisition of capabilities, employment of the Joint Force, and education and training of our people. He also notes that Joint Concepts must be subject to continual improvement, as the nature of the operating environment evolves Defence must reconsider the design of the Future Force. Feedback is critical to the continued relevance of Defence capability.
Enquiries or proposals for amendment of these concepts may be sent to

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